"We at Total Interiors have the ability to provide a variety of services for your design or construction projects."



Social Distancing Protocols

- Existing Buildings
- New Buildings

Space Planning

- Project Feasibility
- Surveying Clients Needs
- Develop Possible Layouts
- Furniture Inventory List
- Provide Installation Plans

Construction Plans

- Project Feasibility
- Surveying Clients Needs
- Develop Design Concepts
- Construction Documents
- Project Management

Furniture and Finishes

- Free Standing Furniture
- Systems Furniture
- Custom Furniture/Casework
- Finish Selections
- Building Standards Boards

Office Design Process

We meet with the client to gather the necessary information to determine if the project has the ability to proceed. We develop objectives, discuss budgets and create a list of possible consultants that may be needed for the project team.

We talk with managers and employees to help determine departmental and individual needs. From this information we explore options that fulfill daily, weekly and monthly interactions.

Once the option is selected we develop plans to reflect those ideas. We research specific products and finishes, verify codes, and refine the design. In some cases a field measure is done to ensure accurate drawings.

Next we create Construction Documents. These include architectural, mechanical, electrical and sometimes structural drawings and specifications. These are the documents that will be submitted to the city for building permits.

We feel that project management is an essential part of the design project. These services include assisting with receiving and awarding bids and visiting the site to make sure the construction documents and specifications are followed throughout the project.

We can provide finish selections or furniture for your design project. Specially designed casework, millwork or furniture can give your space that custom feel. Project boards can be developed and be retained for your records.