Tennant Company - Horizontal Atrium

Golden Valley, MN

Project Information

Prior to the renovation, the space between Courtyard #1 and the main hallway was very dark, narrow and not very practical for office use. Tennant struggled how to utilize this space efficiently. However, as office dynamics started to change, Tennant was inspired. As employees were constantly on the run from meeting to meeting, impromptu conversations were being held in various hallways, disrupting the work of adjacent employees. As a result, Tennant decided to turn the main hallway into a space for employees to have short conversations that would not interrupt their fellow employees.

To achieve this, the east wall was demolished, letting the natural light in from the courtyard, opening the dark space and instilling a more welcoming feeling for visitors of the plant. High top tables, stools and lounge seating were integrated to create flexible spaces within.

This layout allows employees traveling from meeting to meeting to have a place to stop and regroup before their next meeting or provides staff a place to take a short break.

Two conference rooms flank the space; replacing an existing meeting room and a couple of rooms that were previously torn out, balancing the need for private and public areas. The new conference rooms were made of glass walls with window film, to preserve the openness of the atrium, while providing the needed privacy.

In addition, the atrium offers a variety of options for meetings with outside vendors that is close to the main entrance and not very far into the office space. The atrium is large enough to serve as a gathering space for tours, equipped with technology for LCD monitors, and the acoustics necessary for multiple private conversations or large group information sharing.

1,500 SF
Interior Design / Project Management